Animal Facility

Grupo Animalario

Animal Facility


Head of service: Dr. Enrique Páramo Rosell.




The animal facility is the service dedicated to the maintenance and breeding of experimental animals, primarily rats and mice. The current facility encompasses 400 m2 and is divided in 7 specialized areas for animal housing, 4 of which are for rats and 3 for mice, and with the maximum capacity of 2000 rodents. Presently, the facility contains several fully equipped animal surgery rooms, 4 rooms for behavioral and 1 room for kinematics studies. It also contains fully equipped quarters for pigs with a room for their housing and maintenance, as well as experimental testing room, pre-surgery and surgery room.


Shortly the facility will expand to a new animal house containing a total of 1400 m2 that are divided between the conventional and SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) areas.  The new facility will have the capacity to house up to 10000 rodents, rabbits and pigs and will contain several multipurpose rooms that can be used for future incorporations of new species.  Besides providing services to the internal users, the new facility will be fully equipped to offer services (i.e. housing, breeding, experimental surgery etc.) to other public and/or private institutions.


Furthermore, the facility counts with an authorized body for the assessment of research projects based on animal experimentation, which is competent in evaluating the use of all types of research animals and all types of experimental procedures that are covered by the Royal Decree (i.e.  RD53 / 2013, registered at the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and at the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the Regional Government of Castilla la Mancha).



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Information about the Training Course on Responsible Use of Experimental Animals

Information about the Animal Caretaker Training Course 

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The tasks carried out by the animal facility are the following:


- Production, acquisition, supply and maintenance of experimental animals for research and teaching.


- Technical advice on the use of laboratory animals.


- Development of prophylactic community programs.


- On demand education and training in surgical procedures for all staff scientists.


- Promotion of proper treatment, handling and use of experimental animals.


- Promotion of bioethics principles and responsible use of animals, alternative techniques and refinement of experimental procedures.


- Creation of training courses to facilitate the achievement of the required staff category for working with experimental animals.


- There is also an Ethics Committee for Animal Experimentation responsible for assessing the suitability of animal care facility installations, as well as for optimization of experimental procedures described in research projects.



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Enrique Páramo Rosel: Veterinary in charge; BSc. in Veterinary medicine; category D1 and D2.


Mónica Carballo Vila: PhD. in Biology; category B


Animal caretakers category A:

- Angel Calvo García

- María de los Ángeles Moreno Tejeo

- Rosa María Guerra Beteta