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Experimental Neurology Unit of the HNP was founded in 2002 with only two laboratories and the objective of developing basic research in the field of spinal cord injury. Currently the unit includes more than a hundred researchers divided between 16 research groups (basic and clinical) and the research support units (i.e. microscopy, flow cytometry, proteomics, MRI and animal facility). They work together to better understand the biology of spinal cord injury.
The Research Foundation of the HNP was created in 2004 to provide administrative support to researchers, to capture and manage financial resources, to inform the healthcare professionals and society about the latest advances in neuroscience research while ensuring legal and ethical principles in the research process. Furthermore, much of the Foundation´s effort is dedicated to the development of a financially sustainable system by attracting the national and international funds, sponsorships and volunteer work. This way we expect to realize the work of quality and relevance to people with spinal cord injury and  also to the society as a whole.
Our adherence to the COSCE Declaration of transparency in animal experimentation:

Institutional declaration transparency UDI-HNP

Transparency agreement on the use of animals in scientific experimentation in Spain